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ABOUT CHEMTRON Established in 1996, Chemtron has been continuously investing in new and innovative technologies. Along the way, our company has grown to provide multiple innovative ways to empower our clients with Additive Manufacturing – or 3D printing in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia – and has successfully branched into robotics. Contact UsWHO WE ARE Our…


5 Applications of Metal 3D Printing That Will Change Manufacturing

5 Metal 3D Printing Applications That Will Change Manufacturing Metal 3D printing is a very promising technology, creating great opportunities for the industrial landscape across sectors as diverse as aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, marine, and medical industries. Using this technology, manufacturers can produce fully functioning 3D printed parts with great mechanical properties. As the metal 3D…

BigRep Response to COVID-19

Help Stop the Spread of COVID-19 With BigRep 3D Printing

Among the 3D printing companies striving to make a difference is BigRep, the leader in industrial large scale additive manufacturing. In response to the spread of COVID-19, the company is donating face shields to local organizations to provide protection from the novel coronavirus. The company is also asking you to be part of the solution and print protective face shields for organizations and citizens in your local community.

5 applications

5 Metal 3D Printing Applications That Will Change Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing is disrupting traditional methods of metal fabrication. As technology becomes more and more prevalent on manufacturing floors, businesses need to gain application-centric intuition about the process. Just as machinists understand which components are best made on a waterjet vs. a 3-axis mill, it is essential to know which parts are a good fit for additive manufacturing and 3D printing application.