Embedding parts inside 3D Objects

Embedding parts inside 3D Objects

Embedding parts inside 3D Objects

Rest Devices Success Story

Rest devices is company that makes nursery products. For example, a baby wearing a onesie from rest devices, collects information about the baby such as breathing, precision, sleep information. Its real- time data can be viewed via parents from their cell devices. Mimo is a leader in nursery technology and wearable devices. Their products are targeted to simplify parents’ lives via insights and data provided about their baby.

Issues Faced by Rest Devices

The team at rest devices engineers and manufactures the Mimo device. Before using the Markforged printer, they had a press which has a high temperature head that melts the plastic over the metal parts to hold the parts in place. One of the issues that they faced was that the tool holder was starting to fail and the metal pieces was coming out of the part while it was being pressed. This was causing failures for their device not being able to work in the way they have manufactured it.

How Markforged benefited them

With the Markforged 3D printer, they were able to stop the print midway and insert magnets into the tool holder. With this, the device is able to accurately hold everything in place as the actual machine was going on. The team was also able to create many different prototypes and also make changes to their actual designs much faster. From a monthly part design change, it went down to multiple iterations daily.The Markforged 3D printer helped to reduce costing of the parts. In addition to that, it was also able to make prototypes just as strong as their original designed part.

Watch how Rest Devices used the Markforged 3D printer for Embedding parts inside 3D Objects to help their operations!

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