BigRep | LOCI Autonomous Electric Podcar

German engineered large scale 3D printer manufacturers, Bigrep has launched a fully 3D printed, Autonomous Electric Podcar, LOCI at Formnext 2019 event, which is the world’s leading exhibition for additive manufacturing. At Formnext, Bigrep has showcased its full range of additive manufacturing solutions that is from rapid prototyping and design to functional end-use transportation that is created by Bigrep’s high-quality german engineered 3D printer.

Functional 3D Prototyping with Markforged

Functional 3D Protyping with Markforged Printers – Autometrix Customer Success Story About Autometrix Autometrix is a company that designs high tech cutting equipment for the textiles industry. Their main job scope delves into precision cutting in the textile industry. They also develop the software to drive the machines. Problems faced Autometrix were familiar with 3D Printing.…