11-year-old boy gets 3D-Printed hands | Chemtron

For the first time in the life of Gavin Sumner, a Tennessee resident will be able to hold and grip things all thanks to 3D printing technology; Gavin Sumner was born with a missing finger, left foot and also only had 40 percent of his tongue; But after receiving custom made 3D printed fingers on Christmas, he will be able to hold and grip things.


World’s largest structure 3D Printed in Dubai | Chemtron

The two-story building is now officially in the Guinness world record. More specifically, the 3D printed building in the Al Warsan area of Dubai has been the first largest 3D printed two-story structure in the world. The building is printed 9.5 meters tall and has an area of 640 square meters. It was also estimated that this technology cuts construction costs by 60%.


How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing Lean Manufacturing

3D printing technology creates more opportunities for industries to streamline their manufacturing process. 3D printing for manufacturing comes with several exciting and unique advantages such as the reduction in the amount of waste a production line creates, and a greater reduction in amounts of material used.

3D Printing for greener and safer environment

Chemtron believes in being eco-friendly, protecting the environment, and manufacturing while saving our natural resources. We believe that 3D printing technology is the next big thing in the manufacturing process that can help us achieve the goal of producing and manufacturing without destroying

BigRep | LOCI Autonomous Electric Podcar

German engineered large scale 3D printer manufacturers, Bigrep has launched a fully 3D printed, Autonomous Electric Podcar, LOCI at Formnext 2019 event, which is the world’s leading exhibition for additive manufacturing. At Formnext, Bigrep has showcased its full range of additive manufacturing solutions that is from rapid prototyping and design to functional end-use transportation that is created by Bigrep’s high-quality german engineered 3D printer.

Da Vinci Professional 3D Printer – Singapore

Da Vinci Professional 3D Printer Specifications Product: 18.4 x 20 x 22 inch (46.8 x 51 x 55.8 cm) Package Dimension: 22.1 x 23.3 x 27.6 inch (56 x 59 x 70 cm) Maximum Build Volume (WxDxH): 7.8H x 7.8W x 7.8D inch (20x20x20cm) Gross Weight: 57.4 lb (26kg) Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) Display: Panel Type – 2.6” FSTN…

Sonova Leads The Future Of Mass Customized Manufacturing

Customized Hearing Care Solution Since the inception of 3D printing in the early 1980s, mass production has been viewed as the technology’s holy grail. But for more than a decade, while other companies have teased the possibility of full-production 3D printing of sneakers, eyeglasses, toys and other objects, Switzerland-based Sonova, the world’s leading hearing care solutions provider,…

Functional 3D Prototyping with Markforged

Functional 3D Protyping with Markforged Printers – Autometrix Customer Success Story About Autometrix Autometrix is a company that designs high tech cutting equipment for the textiles industry. Their main job scope delves into precision cutting in the textile industry. They also develop the software to drive the machines. Problems faced Autometrix were familiar with 3D Printing.…

Da Vinci Professional 3D Printer – Singapore

 Da Vinci Professional 3D Printer                                                                                                        …