Chemtron is one of the Leading 3D Solutions Provider in Singapore. We represent brands such as Markforged, Envisiontec, Bigrep and Cellink. We provide end to end solutions to our customers looking to adopt additive manufacturing. Chemtron prides itself as a research customer-centric company aiming to source and meet requirements of our clients as well as delivering exceptional service and timely delivery.

Oil and Gas Company uses Markforged Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Reducing Changeover Time and Increasing Plant Throughput with Markforged Technology The Challenge The manufacturing technology unit at a Canadian based integrated energy Services Company required to create an automated handling machine that can load large glass reinforcement tape pads. The company required advancement in the production process to significantly decrease the changeover time and increase…

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5 Metal 3D Printing Applications That Will Change Manufacturing

Metal 3D printing is disrupting traditional methods of metal fabrication. As technology becomes more and more prevalent on manufacturing floors, businesses need to gain application-centric intuition about the process. Just as machinists understand which components are best made on a waterjet vs. a 3-axis mill, it is essential to know which parts are a good fit for additive manufacturing and 3D printing application.

Inter-School Robotics Challenge

Tue 4 Feb 20209am to 3.00pmInter-School Robotics Challenge ITE College East, Singapore About the Inter-School Robotics Challenge Chemtron is proud to be displaying our Robotic Solution from Haddington Dynamics together with the Markforged 3D Printer  at the Inter-School Robotics Challenge held at ITE College East on the 4th of February from 9am to 3pm. The Inter-School…