Nobel 1.0A is a second-generation stereolithography (SL) printer developed by XYZprinting that
uses photopolymer resin and comes with super-precise 3D printing technologies capable of
delivering every single minute detail of the model. This is the most affordable high-performance
3D printer available on the market.



1) Breakthrough upgrade! Now with improved accuracy – Nobel 1.0A SL technology has been upgraded, improving the precision of the engine’s laser
point to 130 microns, resulting in higher accuracy even in complex and intricate detail.
Printing speed is also improved.
2) Smart Integration! Easy and Hassle-Free Operations – Nobel 1.0A is capable of monitoring printing process and displaying remaining amount of
resin at any time. The printer also features resin-filling functions optimized to laser
parameters, requiring no manual operations.
XYZware Nobel software is able to automatically analyze the features of the model and add
support structure to where necessary, ensuring that any design can be represented
3) Various materials to offer versatile applications – Nobel 1.0A uses photopolymer resin to create detailed 3D prints. The R&D team from
XYZprinting has implemented stringent testing to develop various resin materials.
Nobel 1.0A is capable of using multi-colored acrylic, flexible resin, and castable resins in
versatile applications while perfectly meeting the requirements of different users.

Product Specifications:


1) Technology: SL (Stereolithography)
2) Light Source: UV Laser 405mm (>300mw)
3) XY scanning: Laser SLA
4) XY resolution: 130um
5) Z resolution:
0.025mm (25 Microns)

0.05mm (50 Microns)
0.1mm(100 Microns)
6) Z coordinate: Z-Axis and Vat
7) Panel UI: 2.6” FSTN LCM (Blue)
8) Interface: USB/PenDriver
9) Build Size: 128 x 128 x 200 mm
10) Auto Refill: 500ml w/NFC Tag

Printing with the Nobel 1.0A for the first time