With the BigRep Studio, we introduce a new dimension of large-scale 3D printing. The print volume of 500mm x 1000mm x 500mm provides space for large objects, while also enabling high precision and faster printing. The size of the BigRep Studio is optimal for setting up the printer in almost every location.

studio_for render.109



1) Easy Access– Doors slide down into the frame for best access to printbed. The machine is well suited for business and educational environments due to its closed housing and increased safety features..
2) Quick and Simple Set Up (Compact Size) – The all new BigRep Studio fits through a standard home door by disassembling the two halves of the machine, or through a standard office door fully assembled. Its reduced weight allows for easier transport and installation.
3) Intuitive (The User Interface) – The multi-touch enabled screen was chosen for its compatibility with our new user-friendly interface.
4) Ergonomic Design Concept – The print bed is raised for an ergonomic working height, at the same time creating filament storage space.



Product: X:102cm Y:166cm Z:150cm

Maximum Build Volume (XxYxZ): 50 cm x 100 cm x 50 cm

Gross Weight: 250kg

Technology: FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)

Resolution: 100 -400 microns        

Print Head: Single Modular Extrusion Heads (Optional Advanced Version: Dual Modular Head Equipped with 0.6mm nozzle) 

Print Speed: Up to 140mm/s at 0.1mm layer height

Nozzle Diameter: 0.6 mm

Filament Diameter:
Approx 2.8mm

File Type: .stl

GUI: Onboard with multi touch panel.

Filament Material: Big BigRep PLA, BigRep PETG, BigRep PRO HT (115°C • High Temperature Resistant Filament)